Biometric Smart Card

Biometric Smart Card

The Biometric Smart Card integrated AFIS Technology (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) that captures fingerprints, photographs and digital signatures of enrolled customers was used by the Ministry of Social Development. Owners of the card are able to receive their monthly electronic funds, transfers/deposits directly to their Cards. The convenience of this technology allows users to timely and successfully perform various transactions at biometrically enabled point of sales terminals.

Easy Payments

Easily receive monthly electronic funds to card.

Remote access to account

Check account balances remotely, no need to go to the ATM.

Removal of Fraud

Ineligible individuals accessing social services grants and client duplications are avoided because of the biometric technology implemented at enrollment stage.

Cross Payments

E-payments to clients of other Ministries/Agencies.

Purchase at Biometrically enabled point of sale terminals

Easily purchase non-food goods, inclusive of medicines and medical equipment at participating establishments.

Data Reporting

Capture and store data on health related information such as Client’s treatments recommended and prescription history.

Electronic Transfer of Funds

Transfer of funds electronically within same payment application.

SMS notices

Utilization of SMS to send notices to owners of the card.