AATT Kiosks

Novo Technology has successfully implemented a full end to end border control security solution in Piarco International Airport, Trinidad as well as at the ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago.


Key stakeholders comments

“Consistent with international regional security commitments we will pursue best practice benchmarks through the use of modern technology in our national security environment. As such, implementation of the automated border control system will scan and validate passengers’ passports by referencing security measures, perform facial recognition of passengers and match images against scanned passports by identity verification and capture passenger fingerprints biometric features.


“We live in an era where our national security environment is characterised by terrorists, returning foreign terrorist fighters and transnational organised crime so it is important to tap this kind of information. The procedure would indicate whether the passenger has been properly processed or requires further processing. It will decrease passenger processing time. The ministry’s Immigration Division has already implemented the advance passenger information system from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection System (PHIS),” Edmund Dillon, former Minister of National Security.

Newsday – Tighter Border Control at Airports


“The system was implemented to reduce inefficiency and to bring T&T in line with major international countries who have been using similar systems for quite some time.” Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan
New Automated Passport System


The Chief Immigration Officer said while the Immigration Division has improved the security features of Trinidad and Tobago passports, they are seeing an increase in people impersonating persons with valid passports.


“In order to verify you are the person who you say you are more and more we are turning to biometrics and this is why automated border control kiosks are so important to capture biometrics and in so doing we can tie a person to their fingerprints, to their facial image and, therefore, we can more accurately verify that person’s identity.” Charmaine Gandhi-Andrews, Chief Immigration Officer.
Automated Passports Kiosks at Airports