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We innovate with Competitive intelligence

Market Leaders

We are strategic thinkers


We create game changing technology for key industries

Novo Technology is committed to reshaping the way we use technology. We have a diversified services portfolio such as Online Payment Processing, Virtual Banking, Websites and Mobile App development and so much more. Novo Technology aims to pioneer new and exciting technologies while constantly developing new channels of modern commercial services and digital media networks.

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Thermal Scanners
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O2 Water Unit
Coming Soon

At Novo Farms we have integrated smart technology so you can simply watch your leafy greens grow over time, with minimal effort. Our tech-smart farming units do the work for you. Fresh produce and an essential box with necessities needed in the home are also options that can be delivered straight to your door, helping to make your life easier.

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LIFE Foods
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Smart Garden Units

At Novo Communications we take pride in being the first company in Trinidad and Tobago, with a niche provider license, to provide a 100% Fiber To The Home network. As the company continues to grow we are now able to provide fiber to more communities as well as expand our portfolio which also includes Novo Entertainment at affordable prices.

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To improve the lives of our customers by ensuring innovation drives the products and solutions we offer.


Investing in and building a creative team which focuses on the evolving needs of our customers by providing quality service and cutting edge solutions that are environmentally friendly and make a positive impact in our communities.

Novo – about us

[noh-vo] /Adverb |
(-Latin) “Novo” refers to new, or a new way of doing things.


Novo’s core ideology focuses on building innovation across key market sectors applicable to life. Innovation is the foundation of our company and the catalyst for growth in our organisation. Our core ideology has led us to create a brand called LIFE .


The LIFE brand provides a portfolio of life solutions to meet the challenges we are faced with in an evolving world. Those solutions are designed to mitigate against the risks associated with global challenges.


Our solutions to life provides A New way of Farming, A New way of Communication, A New way of Consumer experience…  A new way of LIFE:  Novo LIFE.


Are you ready for a Novo LIFE ?

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#37 Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas