O2 Water Unit

O2 Water Unit

The O2 Water Unit produces up to 20 Liters (5 gallons) per day of purified, great tasting water from the air. It is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and does not take away from our increasingly scarce groundwater resources.

Potable Water

7 stage EZ-Filter process produces 20Liters (5 gallons) of purified great tasting water per day with no chlorine, fluoride, lead or other harmful ingredients.

Environmentally Friendly

Minimise purchase of plastic water bottles helping to reduce plastic waste. The unit is also an air purifier that provides cleaner air making it better for asthmatic and respiratory challenges.

Air to Water

Air is drawn through a HEPA Air Filter. Water vapor in the air makes contact with the stainless-steel coils and condensation occurs, producing water that then goes through the remainder of the 7-stage EZ-Filter process producing water.

Hot/Cold Water

You can get both hot and cold water from the unit. The hot water is dispensed at 180℉ (82℃). The cold water dispenses at 44℉ (6℃).

Money Saver

No need to purchase drinking water for the household.

Compact in Size

17” (L) x 11.75” (W) x 45.5” (H) OR 1FT (L) x 0.9FT (W) x 3.7FT (H)

For one-time purchase please contact support@novo.co.tt or 496-5433