Thermal Scanners


Identify employees and track entry times with temperature measurements, all without touch. Check visitor temperature and enforce mask wearing, while providing hand sanitizing rub.

Facial Recognition

Identify faces with 99.9% accuracy. Real life face detection to avoid fraud.

Industrial-grade binocular camera with live facial recognition technology supporting face-with-mask.

In-depth Reporting

Generate reports as often as you need.

Get immediate e-mail alerts and seamless reporting to aid contact tracing efforts. View the temperature ranges and mask wearing practices of employees and visitors.

Temperature Sensor

Detect a person’s temperature from up to 1 meter away.

Using infrared thermal imaging model together with facial recognition technology to detect a person’s temperature.

Hand Sanitizer

No touch hand sanitizer dispenser

Visitors can quickly check their temperature and sanitize their hands in one simple interaction. Available only in sanitizing model.

RFID Card Reader

Use existing RFID cards to identify a user.

Wirelessly transfer data quickly and accurately through RFID.

Choice of Server / Database

Use device in stand-alone, with a local server or
cloud server.

In stand-alone version, store 30 days of data or 16gb (Varies by model). From local or cloud server, view reports and data in real time. Configure and administer multiple devices.

Thermal Scanner - Desktop/Wall Mount
Lease at TT $450 per/month for 2 years
Thermal Scanner - Full Size
Lease at TT $750 per/month for 2 years
Thermal Scanner with Hand Sanitising Bay
Lease at TT $950 per/month for 2 years

For one-time purchase please contact or 496-5433.